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I live next door to Nathan's mother and played many new games I never knew existed because of his love for board games. I had played plenty of the old standard games that everyone plays when they are younger. Carcassonne and many of the expansions was one of the first games we played together. Lord of the Rings trading card game was a lot of fun too and got me interested in trying out Magic the Gathering, even playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! with my kids. The thing I really dislike about trading card games is when the publisher prints a new update to the game, you have to keep purchasing new sets of cards to stay in the game and that can get very expensive over time. I really enjoy deck building games like Dominion and Legendary, and cooperative games similar to Castle Panic the best.

I also enjoy playing chess on with friends and family. Fly fishing is one of my all time favorite things to do, especially since I finished my degree recently, I have become a little bit obsessive about it. I have a son and daughter who are grown now with my wife of 30 years. My wife even helps with the editing on Meeple Nation. Board games bring friends and family closer together with the shared experiences and lessons that can be learned and taught together.

I maintain the website for Meeple Nation and am the newest member of this great team.



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