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What board games do you play on your phone?

A friend asked me the other day what games I played on my phone. I was, after years of playing endless runners and bubble poppers, finally able to say that I only play board games on my phone. I guess I’m making the assumption that the Scrabble and Boggle variants count as board games since they originated as such. If you don’t consider those board games, then my entire premise is flawed.

So, board games on the phone. I play quite a bit of Stone Age and Thunderstone, and I would probably play Can’t Stop if the display didn’t cut off most of the game board and controls, which has the negative effect of limiting my plays on my computer at home, because any unfinished games will later pop up on my phone and cause my phone gaming to come to a unpleasant halt. I also play the occasional Roll Through the Ages and To Court the King.

I could be playing other board games, but there is something about playing Stone Age and Thunderstone online and asynchronous that keeps me coming back. I don’t really like to play Thunderstone in real life. The setup and down time between turns makes it less fun for me. Online it takes a few seconds or up to a minute to take a turn, depending on how many clicks you have to make.

Stone Age is a game that I enjoy both online and offline. I love work placement games, and Stone Age is so balanced and variable that I don’t get sick of playing, not yet anyway. Because I can play many games at once and a ton over a short period of time, I get to vary the strategies I employ. There is enough luck to the game, though, that it keeps things interesting.

I love word game, but they do not get to the game table at game night, so online play is great.

What about you? What are you playing on your phone?

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