• James Clarke

Star Wars Game and a Gimmick

As we started building decks, we quickly realized that the game was something special. Over the next few months, we played Star Wars a lot, usually on the living room floor. And then I left for Germany. That first day I was gone, my brother sat on on the floor with his Star Wars decks alone, with no one to play. As we covered on the podcast in Episode 5, my brother reached out and found a new gaming group.

When I returned home after a couple of years, my brother informed me that we would be attending a Star Wars tournament. As I mentioned in my post about chess, I applied what I learned from playing years of chess to Star Wars. I could battle my opponent and not just his deck. I didn’t have a large collection of cards, but I did have a gimmick.

I declared, in my youthful arrogance, that I would win my first tournament.

That 1/2 in the lower left corner was often enough to save poor Greedo’s life.

The winning trend at that time, in early 1998, was to pack a deck full of powerful (and expensive) main characters, often playing several main characters on a location and attacking where the opponent had the lowest strength.

My strategy was to bait the opponent with a weak character. I would put on my best poker face as my opponent dropped dude after dude on that location and attack a poor lone Greedo. I would then play all the interrupt cards in my hand which added to my power. At the end of those battles, Greedo would often be the only character still standing.

Winning that tournament was awesome. I also enjoyed playing against the theory that decks with the most money invested (most main characters) would always win. Sadly, my gimmick only worked so long before attacking a lone character wasn’t such a good idea anymore.

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