• James Clarke

Star Trek Deck and Another Gimmick

Nathan’s, my co-podcaster, Rogue Borg deck was the prime example, in which any one of his 50 or so Rogue Borg cards could end your turn before it even started. In order to compete, I decided I had to join them and come up with a gimmick of my own.

So, when I had committed to join my friends for the next Star Trek tournament, I decided to cook up a cheap (money) deck of my own, in order to have a chance. I really didn’t have that great a handle on how to traverse a location and score points, or to handle all of the other strategies other people were playing. So I found a cheap (gimmick) way to win.

From my Star Wars: CCG article, you know I don’t mind winning with a gimmick deck, but the deck I designed was not something I was particularly proud of. I started the game with three Husnock Outpost, three Husnock ships, and a little card called Assign Mission Specialist, which let you search for and play two dudes with only one skill. So I started with three ships, staffed them as quickly as possible, and then I would move to and blow up my opponent’s outpost.

A shuffled up and drew the player my friends had dubbed “The Nemesis.” My friend lost to the Nemesis every tournament, and as I sat across from him, my nerves threatened to get the best of me. I just had to blow up his outpost and I had him. But he was the Nemesis!

I shouldn’t have worried. The Nemesis was friendly and courteous, acknowledging my clever tactics and conceding the game after I destroyed his lowly outpost. No one I faced that day played more than one outpost or even played a ship before I attacked. The last game, I struggled to get a point before the Universe collapsed in on itself, but I managed to win.

I won my first Star Trek tournament, but more importantly, The Nemesis has since become a regular member of our gaming group and a good friend.

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