• James Clarke

Salt Lake City Comic Con Recap

The Aquabats and Darth Vader as moderator

Instead of writing a blog post last week, I went to Salt Lake City Comic Con. I would have loved to participate in the board game part of the convention, but I just didn’t have time. I will cover what I did get to see, and I hope you find it interesting.

So, the first part of the convention was the line. The whole outside of the convention was chaos. No one knew what line was for what and many people, including my wife, stood for an hour in the wrong line. The real line was another 2 hours, though after an hour and a half, I jumped out of line and went up to the booth to buy a ticket and got our wristbands. Finally we were in, just in time to see Ron Perlman, who was great. Then we stayed for the Aquabats, which I hadn’t experience before. They tried to be clever by having Darth Vader be the moderator, but it just didn’t work. They played too much video. My wife hated it. With the main floor closing, we decided to call it a night. Not a great start for my wife’s first comic con.

Friday was much better. I got there early, with Nathan, and waited in the main line. Nathan was in the gold line, which was supposed to get in at 10. My line got in at 11. I think Nathan got inside at like 10:30 and I got in at 11:07. We walked around the booths for a while before heading to the main ballroom for panels. We weren’t going to miss us some Bruce Campbell, so we went to half of Vic Mignogna, who was great. He really knew how to work a room and had the girls swooning.


And then there was Bruce. Other than starting late, this was the best panel for me. He entered strong in his bright yellow jacket and stated that since he was in Utah he was going to keep it clean. It was a joke he made even better by keeping it going to the end, even with half the crowd encouraging him to break his rule. He wanted to bring up some talented people on stage to interview them. Really Utah, we couldn’t get anyone in that crowd with some actual talent on the stage. Still, Bruce kept it going and made it great anyway.

After Bruce, we stayed for Eliza Dushku, Alan Tudyk, and Manu Bennett. All were great. Then we stayed for the Napoleon Dynamite Reunion, which was OK, but could have been epic. Shame they didn’t play it up more. My wife and I went to the Thriller – Odyssey Dance Theatre panel, where they performed several dance numbers from their production. This was fabulous and I recommend going to their events. We ended the night with Lou Ferrigno who was great. 

On Saturday we brought our kids and it was very crowded, but we did make it to see Stan Lee, who is great. He is personable and his persona is funny, his stories well stated and he seems so sincere. We did brave the crowded main hall, and I was just grateful that I didn’t loose a kid in that crowd.

So, I recommend Salt Lake Comic Con, but mostly I recommend Friday at comic con. The crowds are manageable, the lines are shorter, and the experience is better in my opinion.

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