• James Clarke

Rise of the Runelords: the Last Adventure

And it all ends tonight with one game. Honestly, we are breezing through these adventures with the final roll against the villain reaching the high 50s because everyone adds all the help cards left in their hands. The villains are actually the easiest part, at least in our group of 5 (playing with a smaller group is much tougher).

Because I was missing one adventure (a blank checkbox!) I borrowed the game and played solo, which was a much different experience for me. I don’t often play board games solo, but I enjoyed Pathfinder solo. I did have to use two characters to complete the scenario. I played a few more time with other characters, though with the all of the various decks so thin, getting a lower character anything new to add to their deck was difficult and I didn’t want to mess with changing the deck and having to change them back.

Solo, the game felt like a puzzle game. I had to figure out how to defeat certain combination with the limited resources that I had available. One time my character actually got stuck at a location because of a move condition on a location and a nasty barrier both requiring my lowest skills. I finagled some decent rolls to pass both test, but I couldn’t roll high enough to get past them.

With 5 players, generally you can get past any obstacles quickly, and the challenge level is fairly low. I guess I actually enjoyed the solo game play a bit more. Honestly, it was the meta leveling game that kept me interested in the game for so long.

After tonight, we’ll be finished with the Rise of the Runelords, but we have Skull and Shackles already waiting. I’m sure the experience will be largely the same, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m not sure we’ll all be itching to jump into brand new characters and start over.

If you’ve finished the Rise of the Runelords, let me know your impressions and I’ll give you mine after tonight.

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