• James Clarke

MN 0079 Halloween Games

This week we discuss board games with a horror theme that would make for an excellent time at your next Halloween party. The games discussed range from King Of Tokyo and Betrayal at House on the Hill to Gloom and Mansions of Madness to Midnight Party and Ghosts!. Ryan details his dream Halloween Party including plans to play Mysterium in costume, with atmospheric candles, playing up the seance. Apparently, Brent and Nathan aren’t getting an invite.

Games Discussed:

  1. Ghosts!

  2. Last Night on Earth

  3. Betrayal at House on the Hill

  4. Mysterium

  5. Gloom

  6. Guillotine

  7. King of Tokyo – Especially with Halloween Expansion

  8. Bring Out Yer Dead

  9. Student Bodies

  10. Eaten by Zombies

  11. Dead of Winter

  12. Midnight Party

  13. Spooks

  14. Until Dawn

  15. Cave Evil

  16. Mansions of Madness

  17. Cthulhu Realms

  18. Gimme the Brain

  19. Lord of the Fries

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