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Meeple Nation and NUGG for Extra Life

Meeple Nation participated in an Extra Life event last weekend the NUGG, the Northern Utah Gaming Group. We got together to raise money for charity, specifically for Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC. Our fearless emperor Brent actually coordinated the whole event, which I thought it was a smashing success.

We had over 80 people attend and raised over $1400 for Primary Children’s Hospital. Overall in 2015, Extra Life raised $44,507 for the kids at Primary Children’s Hospital and 6,775,102 for all of the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

Game of Ghostbusters played twice with full Kickstarter special edition.

A special thanks goes out to Brent’s wife, Diann, for doing the little things that made for a great time and helped with the silent auction. I’d like to give Brent special recognition for making the whole event happen and for making it great. Awesome job Brent Mair!

Playing board games for 24 hours might seem like a great idea, and you’d be right. It was awesome, including hilarity at regular intervals. Highlights for me were Codenames at 1 in the morning, Ghostbusters: The Game, Mysterium and an epic ~12 hours of Pathfinder The Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous.

Game of Mysterium played several time over the 24 hours.

Brent created a Geeklist on for all of the games played during the event. See our list at

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