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In for a Penny In for a Pound

If you spend some time talking to me you will find that at times I seem to know random facts. This stems from late nights, trouble sleeping, and a smartphone. I will think of something and cannot get it out of my head until I research it. I would not suggest looking up the origins of the phrase, “one smart cookie.” It takes too long and you do not find anything that helps you sleep. One that was confusing at first was, “in for a penny in for a pound.” When I heard that growing up I was confused about money and weight having to do with each other. But, this is really two forms of currency from our friends across the pond.

You may be thinking to yourself why this has anything to do with board games. This phrase has come to me often with one of my board game purchases. Those members of Meeple Nation will know that one of my favorite games is Nemsis by Awaken Realms. The new game of Lockdown is one of the most expensive Kickstarters I have participated in. I am not looking to knock it off its pedestal. Yet, I am still excited to play the base game as well as this stand alone expansion. I am even more excited to upgrade my game.

kIt all started a few months ago when my uncle, Kit, who is an impeccable man with incredible taste sent Nathan and I a video about Nemesis. The video showed a police officer who loves the board game hobby and Nemesis in particular. He built an amazing, unique game board for the game that included lights and 3D features, and in his words, went a touch too far with the smoke effect. Yet, holy smokes, it was cool. It got my mind moving about how cool it would be to have something like that and what I would do differently.

Nothing happened with this for a few months, but something changed. I ended up buying a 3D resin printer. I started getting into printing and painting minis, mostly for our D&D or Pathfinder adventures. Yet a video came across my feed one late night while not sleeping. Another person made an amazing 3D board for Nemesis. Circumstances have changed, I now have tools to start my own board.

This is where I end where I started, in for a penny in for a pound, not only money but time wise as well. I need to force my friends to play with me to make this game a good cost benefit. But I will also need them to play with me after I finish my board to make it worth the time and effort to make it worth adding lights and terrain-like features. This is a step past what people normally add to glam up their game. Yet my pennies demand that I add more pounds of effort into my hobby. I hope that sometime this holiday season my board will be finished so that I can share it with you all. Then maybe I will start with my Lockdown board.

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