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Gaming Goals for 2015

What kinds of goals do gamer peeps set you ask? Well, I’ll drum up a list.

• Play 10 games 10 times each (10×10) • Play a particular game X number of times • Participate in X number of gaming sessions • Play X number of games • Play X number of new games • Play X number of different games • Play and Review entire collection • Play all unplayed games in collection. Don’t buy a new game until accomplished. • Reduce number of games in collection by X • Play X number of Spiel des Jahres (or another contest) recommended games (or winners) • Play all games by a particular designer • Play all scenarios in a particular game • Get a certain (or perfect) score in a particular game • Paint all the figures for a particular game

Gaming Goals or Resolutions can really be about anything. Brent, my fellow podcast host, had the goal of playing 20 games 10 times each. He set this goal so that he can experience the games in more depth. Brent completed his goal at our New Years Eve bash with two quick games of both Splendor and Machi Koro.

The idea of gaming goals was interesting enough to us that we devoted a whole podcast to the topic with should go up this week. We discuss the point of gaming goals, talk about the goals above, and give our individual goals for 2015.

Brent’s 20 x 10 goal was comical for me because Brent is famous for bringing a new game to game night, introducing the game, getting us interested in playing again, and then never bring that game back, instead introducing another new game on this next appearance.

So, I’ve been contemplating what gaming related goals I would set for 2015. Obviously, we want to record, produce, and release at least 52 Meeple Nation podcasts. The idea of personal gaming goals is interesting and also a bit foreign to me. I don’t feel the need to play games a certain number of times. I don’t have a large collection to trim. I tend to get plenty of gaming sessions in, so I don’t think I need to track or force that item.

Different games and new games are both interesting choices. I feel that these will both happen naturally or maybe I just don’t care that much about reaching a certain number. I like the idea of achieving a perfect score in game that gives a score, like Hanabi, which is a nice cooperative game about putting on a firework show.

To hear my other goals and those of Brent and Nathan, check out this week’s podcast.

What about you? What goals are you going to set for the coming year? Also, if you have any suggestions for goals for our podcast or for us as gamers, please leave them in the comments. Thanks, and happy gaming.

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