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Five Steps To a Better You and Kickstarter!

It seems that I often hear relationship magazines have articles to help you get over a bad breakup. Maybe that's how to find out that you're in a bad relationship at all. I think I have come to feel that Kickstarter and I are not what we were. I am going to explore with you how I am going to try and get over those feelings.

1. Identify what made the relationship bad.

For me what has hit me lately is shipping. I know that this is not something that is really in control of people putting together a game for Kickstarter, but it is a real kick in the pants sometime later when it comes to paying for it. Some of this Kickstarter I have ordered years in the past, I don’t remember if I paid for shipping as part of the original deal or not. Many of the games I back on Kickstarter have excessive minis, which means big boxes and expensive shipping.

2. Take lessons from what you have learned.

When someone asks you about your ex or why it ended you can always say, “they were nuts!” While that might be true (you can always ask me about mine sometime), the more honest answer is something in the middle. Wrongs are done on both sides. The mature thing is to look at the lessons learned from the relationship, good and bad. For me, Kickstarter has taught me that even though some of the minis are cool, if the game under it is not developed well, it is not worth my time.

3. Create healthy standards and boundaries.

To be honest, as I am writing this I know Kickstarter and I are not over. Hopefully we will enter a new, healthier phase of our relationship. Most of that is me and my choices to be sure. I am fully confident that almost any given time I can go to Kickstarter and find a game I think is cool or interesting. To be perfectly honest they might be. But, I have an issue with looking at Kickstarter when I am taking a break at work, when I am working lots of overtime and can justify another purchase.

I need to do a better job at researching games before I make the purchase, if it means applying the lemon law and walking away I probably should. If I don’t think that for 100% that the game will make it to the table and that I will fight for its place there I need to walk away.

4. Moving forward.

As I alluded to earlier I am not done with Kickstarter, which means I don’t have to quit cold turkey and just walk away. I have found some great things on Kickstarter, and I need to remember that. Isle of Cats was such a good random find. I just got the expansions for it, and I am excited to play. Alas, life cannot go on like it was. I have friends that have pulled back from getting new games for a variety of reasons. Like them, I need to learn to move forward. That does not mean always having a plan or sticking to standards I thought I needed at the time.

5. Always take the next step.

Be willing to take a step into the unknown and find joy in your life. Do little things that make you happy. If you don’t have a game group, look online to see if your local game store has one, maybe make new friends. They might introduce you to a new game you like! See if there is a local game convention in your area, I have so much fun at ours. Start keeping track of your stats on BGG, maybe that will inspire you to take a game off your shelf of shame and find a new classic! If you already track, maybe walk away and try to enjoy the moment. In words of parting let me leave you with the words of one of my heroes “Excellence is to do a common thing uncommonly.” – Booker T. Washington

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1 Comment

Douglas Stewart
Douglas Stewart
Mar 24, 2022

It sounds like we both have the same relationship with Kickstarter. 2022 is my year to redefine the relationship. Hey...if you ever need a shoulder to cry on...

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