• James Clarke

Do you have a Will-Not-Play list?

I have very specific reasons I wont play the games on my list for each game, but it boils down to the fact that I have had very poor experiences playing the game and see in the future a high probability of that same experience occurring again if I were to play the game. I have no problems playing a game I don’t like all that much. That isn’t what my list is about. This list is for games that I just can’t participate in.

We try to stay positive here at Meeple Nation because we like to celebrate all things board games, so I’m not going to write my list in this blog post. Many of my Will-Not-Play games are in the top 25 rated games on Board Game Geek, so many many people disagree with me. Really a lot of people disagree with me. My co-podcasters mostly love the games on my list.

Still, I’m happy to pass on a game night when I know that the bulk of the night is going to be Battlestar Galactica, knowing my friends will likely be pretending to enjoy the game while they enjoy each other’s company. We have friends that come when we role-play and pass when we don’t. That is pretty much the same to me.

Luckily, many of my Will-Not-Play games have fallen out of favor or simply do not get to the table anymore. It’s a non-issue most of the time, and really it is a short list to start with. All except for Battlestar.

So I’m interested in what my fellow podcasters think about having a Will-Not-Play list and if they have and hold to their own list. Also, let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you have a list, or will you play anything that gets to the table?

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