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A podcast for the little meeple in all of us!

Welcome to Meeple Nation, home of the Meeple Nation Podcast, a podcast for the meeple in all of us. In addition to the podcast, we will be blogging about the industry, community, and all things related to boardgames.

I’m Ryan, and I guess I’m the fat purple meeple with the cool mustache. Each week I’ll be writing short posts about how boardgames have affected my life in a positive and fulfilling way and how boardgames can bring all the meeples together. Go Meeple Nation.

From the moment as a young child when I could first sit up on my own, my older brother, Cory, started placing games in front of me and dice in my hand. My love of boardgaming had begun, and, as far as I know, I did not swallow any dice, chits, wheelbarrows, or any other game pieces. My earliest memories of gaming involve Candy Land cards and the spinning wheel in the Game of Life. Luckily, our parents birthed a little gaming buddy to play with. Devin joined our gaming adventure and we have never stopped.

Growing up, we played a plethora of board games such as The Farming Game, Survive, Risk, Mystery Mansion, SolarQuest and HeroQuest. We shuffled up bazillions of cards of the Uno, Rage, Pit, Rook, Mille Bornes, and face-card varieties. We rolled up avatars in more role playing game universes than we had dice, including D&D, Top Secret, Star Frontiers, Robotec, TMNT, Elf Quest, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia and Star Wars.

My brothers and friend playing the West Edmonton Mall Game. I’m the one wearing the cool hat.

Cory formed a circle of like minded friends, which I eventually weaseled my way into, much to his dismay, at least in the beginning. By the time I reached high school, my brother and our friends had taken over the Chess Club, so I naturally joined their ranks, and began pushes pawns of my own. As a group, we ventured to many tournaments, eventually crossing the country to attend the National High School Championships.

After high school, Chess was largely replaced by collectible card games, which had just exploded onto the gaming stratosphere. I started playing Magic: the Gathering less than a year after it smashed open the genre wall, and I still haven’t stopped. I applied all the lessons I learned from Chess onto those card games, and through those games, we built a weekly gaming group that has been steady since 1998, and has absorbed our high school friends into the mix.

I feel fortunate to have had the same friends for most of my life and through all life has thrown at us, board gaming has been the activity that has kept us together. For me, boardgaming is not just a pastime or a hobby, it is a way of life. You win some and your friends win some, but no one ever loses.

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